Taking Our Humanity to Mars

by R. Mike Mullane (NASA Astronaut, Ret.) © 2017 All Rights Reserved Author, Riding Rockets, the outrageous tales of a space shuttle astronaut. Autographed copies can be ordered via Mullane’s website store: www.MikeMullane.com Recently, as I was sitting at my desk, my wife came to me, leaned down, put her arms around me, kissed the top […] Read more »

“Until death do us part.”

“Until death do us part.” Most of us have uttered those words, or some version of them, in various wedding rites and, as we did so, we probably gave little thought to the enormity of commitment which they embodied, i.e., to live with somebody forever, as in FOREVER. It was fifty years ago this past […] Read more »

Infinite Horizons

Several weeks ago, I was on a business trip to New Zealand.  Looking from the window during the day portion of the nearly 13-hour nonstop flight from Los Angeles to Auckland, my memory was refreshed on the unrelieved immensity of the Pacific Ocean. It was an immensity I first came to appreciate during my rookie […] Read more »

Not thinking ’bout tomorrow…

NOT THINKING ‘BOUT TOMORROW… by Astronaut (Ret.) Richard “Mike” Mullane © copyright 2017 by Richard M. Mullane And we were trying different things We were smoking funny things Making love out by the lake to our favorite song Sipping whiskey out the bottle, not thinking ’bout tomorrow Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long….  ‘All […] Read more »

Risk: Rockets vs. Donuts

Several years ago, after my annual NASA physical exam, the doctor gave me a very definitive number on my risk of staying alive for the next decade, or at least of staying alive in a condition of reasonably good health. Specifically, he said, I have an 8.2 percent risk of suffering a major cardiac event […] Read more »