Swimming For Shore


“Swimming for Shore” is by my daughter, Laura Mullane. Her first work, “God Sleeps In Rwanda”  was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Though it was  not a winner of that prize, the nomination speaks to  her talent as a writer. Her latest work, “Swimming  for Shore” recalls her struggle to hang onto her  identity, her career, as well as her passions for writing  and equine competition, while taking on the role of  mother. It’s a great read! Yes, I know, that’s what  fathers are supposed to say. But her journey, told  with such powerful emotion and wicked humor, really  opened my eyes to the physical and soul-crushing  cost that many women pay for assuming a title that  much of our society suggests should naturally be their  ultimate craving, joy and identity…Mother. Those with an interest in reading the book should click  on the following link to learn more.

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