“One person with courage forms a majority.” A Safety Program


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In his safety DVD, “One person with courage forms a majority,” Astronaut Mullane delivers a powerful message on the individual’s role in keeping themselves and their teams safe in hazardous environments. Mullane introduces this subject with a recount of his own near-death experience in a fighter jet, when he failed to speak up about an unsafe situation. He assumed another crewmember, with more flying time, “knew best” about the safety of their operations. In other words, at a critical moment in a hazardous operation, Mullane surrendered his responsibility for safety to someone else. He became a “safety passenger,” forgetting what teamwork is all about in hazardous operations, i.e., “we’re all in it together.” His story is a classic example of how one person’s behavior can influence the safety of the entire team. The result of his slip into the “safety passenger” mode resulted in a narrow escape from death for both him and the pilot during their ejection from the crashing jet. The destruction of a multi-million dollar plane might have been avoided if Mullane had maintained his “safety presence” and voiced his assessment on the dangers of the pilot’s decision. Instead, he assumed he didn’t “count,” or certainly that he didn’t count as much as the pilot.

In his “Courage” DVD Mullane continues this thread: that each individual brings to their team a unique perspective on safety. Only when every person’s perspective is available for consideration by the team leader can a team be truly safe.  Moreover, each individual has a peer-to-peer responsibility to watch out for his/her teammates. Mullane uses his experience as part of a NASA shuttle team to drive home this point on peer-to-peer responsibility.

An additional emphasis is placed upon the role of leadership in empowering their teams so everybody does count. Here, Mullane uses another story from his USAF flying career to open the eyes of the audience to the criticality of that leadership responsibility. He summarizes this discussion with a final example of how a difficult post-Challenger design change to add a bailout system to the Orbiters came from a very unlikely source…an individual who wasn’t an astronaut or an engineer. This individual held true to the concept that “we’re all in it together “and had the courage to stand up in the face of the experts (the engineers), and suggest a different design to solve a bailout/safety issue. It was the design ultimately adopted.  Here is an example of how one person with courage truly did form a majority. Everybody “counts”; and leaders need to make sure their team members are “counting”.

The messages of the program are dramatically reinforced with NASA video and slides. “One person with courage forms a majority” is a very unique safety program. It is hard-hitting, fast paced and, in places, very humorous. It is certain to open the eyes of every viewer, be they team members or team leaders, to their individual criticality to team safety.

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