Countdown to Teamwork

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Countdown To Teamwork is a 64 minute DVD of a live presentation of Astronaut Mike Mullane’s most popular teamwork and leadership program. Using real life stories from his Air Force and NASA careers, Astronaut Mullane develops these fundamentals of teamwork: guarding against a “normalization of deviance” to prevent “predictable surprises”; maintaining a team presence and not falling into a “passenger” mode; “one person with courage forms a majority”; the power of a team lies in the diversity of perspectives of the team members; great leaders empower their people; great SELF-leaders make great TEAM-leaders; self-leaders challenge themselves to lofty goals, make mid-course corrections around obstacles, stay focused on the goals, advance their education and constantly do their best. Great self-leaders live this philosophy of life, “Success isn’t a final destination. It’s a continuous life journey of challenging one’s self to greater and greater personal and professional goals.” All of Mullane’s supporting slides and spectacular video have been edited into this DVD.

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Duration: 64 minutes (available in DVD only)