Countdown to a Dream

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In this fifty-three minute DVD, Astronaut Mike Mullane draws upon his unique life experiences to deliver a powerful and captivating message on goal setting and achievement. While primarily aimed at children, the program will entertain, educate and inspire viewers of any age. The motivational message contains discussions on these fundamentals of dream-fulfillment: doing your best, dreaming big, taking care of your body and making education a top priority. These messages are wrapped in a fun, fast-paced, space-fact program that answers some of the most popular questions astronauts are ever asked, including, “How does the space toilet work?” and “Have you seen any UFOs?”  The program will also correct some common misconceptions on the physics of spaceflight–for example, the cause of weightlessness. (It’s NOT because there is no gravity!) The entire program is supported with NASA videos and slides as well as some of Mullane’s own childhood/astronaut photos.

Duration: 53 minutes (available in DVD only)

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